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Get your Superbowl Party catered by Bar BQ!

Enjoy Delicious Wings? Pulled Pork Sliders? Chicken and Waffles?

You love barbecue, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of making it yourself. That’s why we’re here!

Get your Superbowl Party catered by the best barbecue place in Stamford! You won’t have to do any of the work, but you’ll get to enjoy all of the benefits of tasty pulled pork, ribs, wings, and even our famous burnt ends! Additionally, if you are in the market for some amazing beef jerky we have it all. Recipes from all over the world that have been tried and tested by some of the best chefs have been brought here for all meat lovers. With us, you are guaranteed to leave with your belly full and a smile on your face. Don’t hesitate to try out our new delicacies as we always strive to provide an amazing product, and we don’t shy from trying out new things.

Whatever you prefer to eat, as long as its meat we have every kind of recipe that will definitely put a smile on your face. We also do take outs and we offer pre-order special services. Our restaurants are all family friendly and we have a kid’s menu so that they will grow up to be bar BQ lovers. So, when you are aching for some tasty barbecue and you don’t want to make a big mess in your kitchen, or you just want to treat yourself or your lovely significant other to a dinner outside, choose us as we would love to get a chance to show you just how amazing it can be if you don’t have to prepare anything but still enjoy it as much as if you did.

Place your order with us early to get a discount! Call 413-588-8252 to place your order!