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Live Acoustic Music during Dinner

Every third Friday of the month we enjoy the acoustic stylings of local guitarist Al Rivoli during dinner!

How long has it been since you have let yourself go and enjoyed some nice music in the background while you were also having a nice meal? Long gone are the times when every restaurant had some amazing music in the background to give some more charm to the restaurant or the bar.

Well, we have decided to hire a professional acoustic guitarist so that we can get some of that charm back into our restaurant. While we pride ourselves on the amazing meals we can offer, we also love to make our guests more relaxed and as comfortable as possible. With that idea in our mind, we recognize that there is nothing on the radio that can liven up people’s spirits as an acoustic guitarist can. Al Rivoli is an amazing performer that has been a musician for several years and the acoustic guitar is his special friend that he does not leave his home without.

So, if you are in the mood to have a nice dinner away from your kitchen, and if you are intrigued by our acoustic performer give us a chance to lighten up your night on every third Friday of the month. Al Rivoli is excited to show you his favorite song that he sings with his unique voice and his lifelong companion, his guitar. Take a nice relaxing night away from the mess that is left in your kitchen after making dinner for your yourself and your significant other and let us help you relax and have a full belly at the same time. Our restaurant is also family friendly so you can even bring the whole family on this wonderful night.

Stop by during dinner to enjoy a tasty barbeque meal and listen to some classic favorites played by local guitarist Al Rivoli! He’s extremely talented and takes requests.