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Live Acoustic Music during Dinner

Every third Friday of the month we enjoy the acoustic stylings of local guitarist Al Rivoli during dinner!

How long has it been since you have let yourself go and enjoyed some nice music in the background while you were also having a nice meal? Long gone are the times when every restaurant had some amazing music in the background to give some more charm to the restaurant or the bar.

Well, we have decided to hire a professional acoustic guitarist so that we can get some of that charm back into our restaurant. While we pride ourselves on the amazing meals we can offer, we also love to make our guests more relaxed and as comfortable as possible. With that idea in our mind, we recognize that there is nothing on the radio that can liven up people’s spirits as an acoustic guitarist can. Al Rivoli is an amazing performer that has been a musician for several years and the acoustic guitar is his special friend that he does not leave his home without.

So, if you are in the mood to have a nice dinner away from your kitchen, and if you are intrigued by our acoustic performer give us a chance to lighten up your night on every third Friday of the month. Al Rivoli is excited to show you his favorite song that he sings with his unique voice and his lifelong companion, his guitar. Take a nice relaxing night away from the mess that is left in your kitchen after making dinner for your yourself and your significant other and let us help you relax and have a full belly at the same time. Our restaurant is also family friendly so you can even bring the whole family on this wonderful night.

Stop by during dinner to enjoy a tasty barbeque meal and listen to some classic favorites played by local guitarist Al Rivoli! He’s extremely talented and takes requests.

Holiday Party Season is Upon Us!

This week kicks off our busy holiday party season! Our amazing, private upstairs bar area is just perfect for any corporate gathering, Friendsgiving, or family get-together. And the best part is – you don’t have to do the cooking! We take care of anything you could imagine. We all have a stressful day, the kind that has been only getting worse, the best cure after such a day is to give yourself some nice relaxation time. While we don’t offer massages, we have the next best things, food, and drinks! Come visit us and give yourself some leeway and enjoy our amazing bar that offers more drinks to choose from than you can possibly drink in one week.

The perfect spot to relax with your friends, family or just by yourself as we have several different offers for all sort of groups. With a warm drink, all you need is a nice meal and we have the best barbecue in the state. Try our many different dishes until you feel so full that you can’t think of food until tomorrow. If you are in the mood to that it’s just too big of a hassle to make dinner tonight and you definitely don’t want to clean up after the meal is done, then you should give us a chance to do everything for you and still make you an amazing meal just as good as you would in your home, and even better!

Give us a chance as we aim to impress and we guarantee that once you try our barbecue you will never go back to any other way of eating barbecue.

It’s that time of year!

Warm up to your colleagues with some of our delicious cocktails and scrumptious barbecue!

From our St. Louis Sticky Ribs and Pulled Pork, to our Homemade Corn Bread and Mac and Cheese, it’s almost better than Grandma’s secret recipes! Shh, don’t tell her I said that! We still have some select dates available! Call Ashley today to book your party! 413-588-8252

Get your Superbowl Party catered by Bar BQ!

Enjoy Delicious Wings? Pulled Pork Sliders? Chicken and Waffles?

You love barbecue, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of making it yourself. That’s why we’re here!

Get your Superbowl Party catered by the best barbecue place in Stamford! You won’t have to do any of the work, but you’ll get to enjoy all of the benefits of tasty pulled pork, ribs, wings, and even our famous burnt ends! Additionally, if you are in the market for some amazing beef jerky we have it all. Recipes from all over the world that have been tried and tested by some of the best chefs have been brought here for all meat lovers. With us, you are guaranteed to leave with your belly full and a smile on your face. Don’t hesitate to try out our new delicacies as we always strive to provide an amazing product, and we don’t shy from trying out new things.

Whatever you prefer to eat, as long as its meat we have every kind of recipe that will definitely put a smile on your face. We also do take outs and we offer pre-order special services. Our restaurants are all family friendly and we have a kid’s menu so that they will grow up to be bar BQ lovers. So, when you are aching for some tasty barbecue and you don’t want to make a big mess in your kitchen, or you just want to treat yourself or your lovely significant other to a dinner outside, choose us as we would love to get a chance to show you just how amazing it can be if you don’t have to prepare anything but still enjoy it as much as if you did.

Place your order with us early to get a discount! Call 413-588-8252 to place your order!